Are You Living in A Limbo?

Are You Living in A Limbo?

Life is limbo.

We all run and run and we, ourselves don't know when we are going to stop. Or do we even think about stopping?

Today we set targets from here to there and then we are done. But this is the biggest lie we are continuously saying to ourselves. Because if we reach there, we see people are going elsewhere. So we also want to go there. And this thing goes on and on.

But is this the way we supposed to live? Can this thing bring happiness to your life? Standing in front of the mirror we should ask ourselves. Is it really necessary to always run or we should sit down after we had run enough?

Life is short but expectations are many. And it’s not possible to fulfill all. So we need to draw a line and relax after that. Give time to ourselves and the surrounding. Contemplate the things we got and achieved and be thankful. We should be thinking to repay the favor as someone's favor helped us to be there.

So after running for a long time, stop, sit and relax. Then walk slowly to see the greatness around you.

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