Meet the people who contribute to the blog.

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Meet the awesome people who love to spread their thoughts

Erfanul Alam Siddiquee

He is an Islamic finance practitioner and has a curious mind to explore different things. Passionately learns about new things, technology, Islamic finance, and the stock market. He also reads books and learns to share his experience with the world.

Erfanul Alam Siddiquee

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Bilkis Lawal Shuaibu

Currently, a PhD student at INCEIF University, Bilkis Lawal Shuaibu works as a researcher and consultant in Islamic finance for Fineopolis & Al Maali consultancy.

She has a strong commitment to economic empowerment, Islamic financing, and economic growth. She works to advance the status of women in society.

If you don't see her working on finishing her thesis, she's probably reading a good book or having a meaningful conversation with a close friend or acquaintance who shares her interests.

Sri Mumtaz

An adventurous soul, an inquisitive mind and a jovial character that finds deeper meaning in between words, vibrant colors interweaving grayscale vistas and harmonious tunes amidst monotonous sounds.

Tahera SRT.

Tahera is an undergraduate student majoring in Botany.
She has been part of the debating club and other extra curriculum activities in her university life. Some of her achievements are:

  1. Third in First Aid Program by The Red Crescent International, Bangladesh
  2. Top Ten in National English Olympiad, Bangladesh

She is enthusiastic about exploring new things, reading books. Besides she is an ardent artist, baker, and crafter.

Tasneem Mohammed

Tasneem is an Accounting Ph.D. candidate at Monash University, Australia.

Outside of academics, he is interested in reflective auto-biographical writing, sports, and community support.

He takes pride in using his experience to help others while also constantly learning about himself in the process.