I just got tired one day and decided to contemplate.

Did you got a good break? Or you are still engaged with the thoughts of your running during the break?

Do you even have the courage to take a break or is it your own choice not to take a break?

For the future you are running, how sure you are it will come while you are consistently ignoring the present.

Why it is hard for you to live in the present which is certain rather than running hard for the future which you don't even is going to come or not.

For whom you are running? Are you running for yourself?

The people you are running for will forget you the moment they put you into the grave. The only thing they will remember what you have left for them.

Why you are burning yourself when you are supposed live like a traveler. A traveler who only think about what he has now and with this what he can do now.

Let the future be forgotten and bring yourself to the reality my friend. Don't ruin your present for the sake of future uncertainty.

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