Whose expectations are you fullfiling?


A common but most influential word for one's life.

It answers why do we do things?

Why we work hard for something but let go of something else.

Why we run again and again when our own heart wants us to stop.

Everything is answered by our expectations.

Nevertheless, we are always oblivious of reality. We don't want to accept the harsh truths of our own actions. We think we are undertaking something for our own selves. However, we are trying to fulfill someone else's expectations by leaving our own peace or happiness.  

Another thing that impacts our actions are intentions. Yet, purposes fluctuate because of the surroundings. We may start off something with some good intents. However, because of environments like pleasing someone else's hopes or to compete with others our intentions changes. Then we want to deviate from our goal to pursue something else which is not even ours or which won't bring anything except stress.

So what should be expected?

How much should we expect?

Should we let someone else change or set our own expectations?

Mental peace is closely attached to expectations. So we have to decide on the trade-offs.

It's a PEACE VS WANT war.

Up to you who is going to win.

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