Learn Islamic Finance Online

Trying to find Islamic finance online courses? I am here to help you on your journey in learning Islamic Finance Online.

Learn Islamic Finance Online
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Interested in gaining a deeper understanding of Islamic finance? Trying to find Islamic finance online courses/certificates but don't know where to begin?

Islamic finance is a varied and vast field. It's only natural that you might be having trouble finding the right resource or jumping into the deep end. Worry not!!! I am here to help you on your journey in learning Islamic Finance Online.

With these Islamic finance online courses and certifications, you can gain a coherent understanding of the foundational principles that govern this system of finance and then expand on them with more advanced courses. The Islamic Finance industry needs to find ways to educate more people so we can have more professionals in this field. The more professionals there are the stronger the industry becomes.

Micro-Certification from Executive Masters in Islamic Finance (eMIF)
INCEIF Micro-Certification programme offers the convenience of a personalised education at your own pace. Learners embark on a continuous upskilling journey without the worry of a long-term commitment while maintaining a work-life balance. Another advantage is the opportunity to add on courses, and eventually be awarded with a full-fledged Masters programme.
Professional Certificate (eMIF)
Change presents an opportunity to take one’s career in a new direction, ensuring continued growth and long term success.
INCEIF is cultivating specialists with the Professional Certificate in Islamic Finance from our Executive Masters in Islamic Finance (eMIF) programme. This flexible online programme is designed for working professionals seeking to explore a career in Islamic finance or find their niche in a particular area of the industry; Islamic Banking, Takaful & Wealth Management, Capital Market, Shariah, Shariah Audit & Compliance.
Executive Masters In Islamic Finance
Successful completion of the eMIF will ensure you gain working knowledge of Data Analytics, Business Strategy and Policy and Social Finance, while acquiring the ability to analyse and develop solutions to modern business challenges, analyse organisational situations and market fluctuations, and assess international socioeconomic conditions.
You will come to understand how Islamic financial instruments such as Zakat, Sadaqah, Waqf and Takaful can be combined with technological advancements to boost development and alleviate hardship, in accordance with Maqasid Shariah and UN Sustainable Development Goals, and learn to conduct business with integrity and in compliance with good governance practices.
Certified Qualification in Islamic Finance (CQIF)
IBFIM’s Islamic Finance Qualifications Framework & Progression Route consists of three (3) levels, namely Core (AQIF), Intermediate (IQIF) and Advanced (CQIF) levels. At the end of each level, an assessment shall be conducted to evaluate the candidates’ understanding and ability to relate the knowledge gained to practice.
EDX: Islamic Finance and Banking
This economics and finance course will give you an overview of the Islamic financial system. You will learn the core principles and basic models of Islamic finance and establish a framework for understanding this financial system.
IslamicMarkets Learning is a knowledge development platform for professionals and institutions in the global Islamic economy.

Hope these resources will help you to start your Islamic Finance online journey!!!1

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