Learning from The Cat

Learning from The Cat

Disclaimer: I am a pure business student. Therefore, it is possible that I can be wrong. So apologies beforehand.

Quantum mechanics is a science related to the position of atoms. However, there is a big debate linked with this and that is superposition.

This superposition means one thing can be in two extreme positions at the same time as both hot and cold together.

Erwin Schrödinger illustrated this with a beautiful example.

Inside a box, you put a cat and a cup of poison. Then closed it for 30 minutes and go outside.

Now after 30 minutes what will be the condition of the cat?

Either dead or alive. Nevertheless, you cannot say it until you have opened the box. In this situation, the cat is both alive and dead to you. This is superposition.

Two scientists tested this experiment 10 times. One scientist found the cat deceased every time, and the other alive every time. Now, if you ask about their interpretation, one will say the cat will be alive every time and the other will say it will be dead.  However, in reality, this superposition is not possible. One of the great weaknesses of Quantum mechanics is that you will explain things in a way you have observed or the way you want to see it.

Our life is also like this. We explain something in a way that we want to see it or do something in the way we expect the results. But you cannot do anything positive if you have negative thinking about it, and you cannot expect to be better in something unless you have learned it. So, improving perception through knowledge as well as becoming humble to learn from others is necessary.

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