Islamic Finance by Nizar Alshubaily

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Islamic Finance by Nizar Alshubaily
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Specialties: Islamic Banking, Investment Management

Nizar Alshubaily is a banker with thirty years of experience in Asset Management, Islamic Banking, Corporate Finance, and Financial Products Structuring.
He has worked in London, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Dubai for institutions such as Deutsche Bank, Al Rajhi Bank, and The National Commercial Bank of Saudi Arabia. He has trained at J.P. Morgan New York, London Business School, and IMD in Lausanne, Switzerland.
He had held several senior-level positions such as Head of Asset Management, General Manager, Board Member, and CEO during his career.
He writes on Islamic Economy, History, Archaeology, and Heritage.

How many articles on Islamic Finance have you read that have the words "Maqasid Al-Shari'ah" in them?

Myth # 2: Riba is Usury (excessive interest). It has to be doubled and multiplied to be Riba based on verse 130 of Surat Al Imran.

Myth # 1: Riba is Interest

12 Myths of Riba

The wisdom of a commandment or prohibition

Pondering the meaning or wisdom in a commandment or prohibition

The relationship between Riba Al-Buyu' (Sales), and Riba Al-Qurud/Al-Duyun (Loans and Debts)

Have you ever wondered why they said: {A Sale is like Riba}?

Riba has as many names as it has faces

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