The girl who prayed for a job that made her happy

The story is about a young Muslim girl who wants to pursue a career in finance.

The girl who prayed for a job that made her happy
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The story is about a young Muslim girl who wants to pursue a career in finance and was told she shouldn't because it's against her religion. Her father tells her that Islam prohibits Muslims from paying or receiving interest on loans. Interest is defined as "additional charged on money lent." This means that a lender charges a borrower an additional for the loan, and the borrower will have to pay back this amount along with an additional sum of money.

She then starts to think of what career opportunities she can pursue since, if she obeys Islam, she can't be on the other side of the lending/borrowing equation. She discovers Islamic finance and is fascinated by this type of financing and its role in Islamic society. The girl tries to explore Islamic finance and realizes there are many different areas she could explore and choose from.

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Islamic finance has been around for centuries and its applications and use cases have grown considerably in recent years.

Islamic finance is a system of banking and investing that meets the needs of both Muslim and Non-Muslim customers. It has been around for hundreds of years and has grown considerably in recent years. One area where Islamic finance has been adopted in a large way is in the banking sector, where a variety of Islamic banks offer their customers an alternative to conventional banking options.

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The girl chooses Islamic banking and is super excited to see what jobs she can take as a part of this field. She research as much as she possibly can about the company, the process, and everything that goes into this type of finance. The more she dives into it, the more she realizes that this type of work is not only for Muslims but also for people of other faiths.

After many months of research and contemplation, the girl realizes that taking on this career would be fulfilling for her not only professionally but spiritually as well

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