What should I write?

What should I write?

Sometimes I feel like writing.

But then I can’t find what to write about.

But still, I want to write.

Should I write based on my experiences? But there is nothing special to write about. I can be even biased to represent only the happy or sad part.

Then should I write about the people around me? But I don’t know most of the true stories behind every story I know. Therefore, I can be biased too.But I still feel like writing.

Does writing help to let go of all the bad and sad emotions? or is it just another limbo which makes you feel like that. Is there any reality in writing? or I am just telling some lies?

But writing is what I am looking for. Why should I even bother to write? It’s because I cannot say? or it’s because I just wanted to put some words which I don’t know where are they coming from.But my thoughts are pushing me to write.

So, I have to answer the big questions. WHAT SHOULD I WRITE OR WHY SHOULD I WRITE?

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